Paper Mache Turtle Pinata


Paper Mache Turtle Pinata

This project will take a few days to finish, but the end result is very rewarding!

Here's what you'll need to make your paper turtle pinata:

Paper Mache (Pulp and Strip)
Tempera Paint
3 Toilet-Paper Tubes


1. Start by making a large supply of paper mache pulp. You will use this in steps 5 and 6.

2. For the turtle's body, blow up a balloon and tie the neck. Cover the balloon with two or three layers of paper mache strips.

3. To make the legs, cut two empty toilet-paper tubes on a slant, as shown. Cover each tube with a layer of paper mache strips.

Attach the legs to the body, one at a time. Place each leg so that the slanted edge rests flat against the body. Use short paper mache strips to fasten the legs to the body, as shown. Paste on more paper mache strips to hold all the pieces in place

4. To make the turtle's neck, cut another toilet-paper tube on a slant as you did for the legs. Cover one of the tubes with a layer of paper mache strips. Fasten the neck to one end of the turtle's body the same way you attached the legs in step 3. Let the strips dry. (Drying will take about 2 days)

5. Use the paper mache pulp you made in step 1 to make the turtle's head. Roll two large spoonfuls of pulp into a ball. Place the ball in the open end of the neck. Press pulp around the head and neck.

6. Cover the neck, legs, and the top and sides of the body with pulp. Do not cover the bottom of the turtle's body with pulp. Do not pick up the turtle as you work. Let the pulp dry for two or more days.

7. A grown-up will need to cut an opening as big as your fist in the bottom of the turtle. Place handfuls of wrapped candy inside the turtle. Then paste a layer of paper mache strips over the opening. Let the strips dry.

8. If you want to hang the pinata, you'll need to attach a string. To do this, poke a small hole in the top of the turtle's body. Push one end of a long piece of string into the hole. Press a little pulp around the hole. To make sure the string doesn't slip out, dab a little white glue around the hole. Let the pulp and the glue dry.

9. Decorate your pinata with tempera paint.

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