Paper Mache Jewelry

Making paper mache jewelry is easier than you might think - and it's fun to do. Here's how to make different jewelry items which are great for dressing up games!

Paper Mache Beads for Necklaces and Bracelets

Cut a regular drinking straw into several pieces - the size depends on how big you want your beads to be.

Cover each piece with paper mache pulp (learn how to make it here) - but be sure to leave the ends open.

Allow the beads to dry.

Once the beads are dry, paint them in your favorite colors - you can make them look extra glamorous by adding some glitter or even a coat of Shellac!

String them on to a piece of yarn to create a necklace or bracelet.

You might want to make a 'stretch to fit' bracelet rather than a loose one, in which case you'll need to thread the beads on to elastic rather than yarn or thread.

For smaller beads ...

Roll paper mache into balls.

Carefully push the balls on to a knitting needle and allow them to dry.

Decorate the beads with paints and Shellac, then very carefully take out the knitting needle. With small beads, you'll probably need a needle and thread to string them together.

Paper Mache Jewelry - How to Make a Bangle

Here's a great technique for making a paper mache bangle!

Just take a tin can and cover it with waxed paper, taping the paper securely.

Next, mold paper mache around the can. Make sure that the layer you apply is AT LEAST 1/4 inch thick - but the wideness of the bangle is up to you!

Give the bangle a couple of days to harden, then carefully remove it from the can.

Allow another day or two for the bangle to dry completely, then decorate with paint, glitter, Shellac etc as you desire.

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