Kids Easter Crafts

Have fun with your little one's as you celebrate Easter with these easy to learn kids Easter crafts.

Easter Egg Chick

What You Will Need:

Blown eggs


Craft glue

Washable tempera paint

Paint brushes


1. Form the clay into a comb, beak, and feet.

2. Rub a small amount of glue on different parts of the clay and slowly press them into place on the egg. Hold it for about a minute or two or until the glue starts to get dry. Set it aside and allow it to completely dry.

3. Using a small brush, paint the feathers, wings and eyes at the color of your choice.

And, that's it!

Lucky Rabbit Feet

What You Will Need:

Lucky rabbit feet pattern

Felt paper (white, brow, and pink)

Jingle bells (18mm)

Pink paint

Craft Glue


1. First, print and cut out the lucky rabbit pattern

2. Using the white felt shape and cut out the rabbit’s head, the brown felt for the eyes, and pink for the ears and other details

3. Adhere the rabbits features using the tacky glue

4. Make two slits for the nose of the rabbit

5. Paint the jingle bells for an added naturalness to the piece, set aside and allow it to dry

6. Using a shoe lace, insert the bell then thread toward the nose slits then you can tie your shoe lace as usual

And, that's it!

Sticker Stencils

What You Will Need:

Cooled hard-boiled eggs

Egg dye

Small stickers (in basic shapes like star, heart, and circles)

Paper towel

Vegetable oil (if needed)


1. Put the stickers on the egg (make sure that the edges are applied properly)

2. Dye the egg, then put it aside and allow it to dry

3. Peel off the stickers gently. Then rub off any residues left using your finger (dab it with a small bit of vegetable oil) and use the paper towel to clean it.

And, that's it!

Kids-Crafts-Creations will be adding more Kids Easter Crafts.

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