Jesus is Risen Tomb Craft

Jesus is Risen Tomb Craft

You'll need:

a sheet of thick paper/card
1 large paper plate
1 small paper plate
black construction paper
yellow construction paper
brad (paper fastener)felt tip markers


Before you start, cut one third off the bottom of the large plate. Color each plate brown.

Staple the large plate onto the thick paper. Ensure that the part you cut is lined up with the bottom of the paper.

Cut an opening for the tomb from the black construction paper. Fix it to the plate with glue.

Cut a square from the white paper. Using a marker, write "Jesus Is Risen!" on it and then attach it to the tomb opening with glue. Fix the small plate (which represents the stone in front of the tomb) to the paper by passing the brad through both pieces.

Finish this craft by adding the sun, spring-time flowers, birds and clouds.

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